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Sunday, December 29, 2019
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About Us

The MyCountry news website is recognized worldwide, more particularly in the Asian region as an essential and vital source of information for the readers receiving credible and trustworthy news reports and related data.

The website is operated by a group of media’s professionals who have a high standing in the information circle and are well-connected.

It is based on ‘state-of-the art technology’ and has the potential to meet all the requirements of the social media.  We proudly say, this website is a face of modern and technologically advanced Pakistan.

Our editorial policies are derived from the press code of conduct drafted for the guidelines of media industry to keep the balance, objectivity and fairness in the news content.

Our aim is to follow the values of our society in dealing with the news content and to provide credible and trustworthy information to the valuable readers.

We do not believe on slanting the news content which may misguide and damage the trust of our readers.

We want to show through our work that media may work for the betterment of society in harmonious and stable way.

The MyCountry website has a responsibility on its shoulders to present the news as per the true spirit of latest happenings.

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MyCountry (A Creative News Agency)

Email: info@mycountry.com.pk

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