Athletes hope for ‘change’ in Pakistan sports, PSB

Athletes hope for ‘change’ in Pakistan sports, PSB My country
Athletes hope for ‘change’ in Pakistan sports, PSB My country

Islamabad – Athletes, coaches and officials of different federations have expressed their hope that with Imran Khan taking over the reign of the country as Prime Minister, Pakistan sports will flourish and a positive change will also be seen in Pakistan Sports Board (PSB).

They said that shortage of funds and their accountability is a major issue, due to which Pakistan sports have been suffering. “Pakistan athletes are capable of winning international medals in different games, but many of them are deprived of their basic rights of representing the country just because of shortage of funds, as it is witnessed while selecting Pakistan contingent for Asian Games 2018,” they said.

Athletes are sports ambassadors of the country, and if they are not facilitated according to their needs, it hurts them, Pakistan sports and chances of winning medals at international level. There is a dire need to give ‘due respect’ to sportsmen, who, in return, will earn laurels and glories for their country across the globe,” they added.

They also pointed out irregularities in the Pakistan Sports Board, due to which the athletes have to suffer and also disturb their preparations for the mega events. “Our genuine demands are not fulfilled just because of non-availability of sufficient funds while our federations, who are trying their best to provide the players every basic facility, training, international exposure and other major things, but financial constraints create big hurdles in their smooth working.

“While for the meager benefits, many of the Pakistan Sports Board officials have taken illegal measures, the major one among them is establishing parallel federations, the curse which spoiled those sports and also brought disrespect to the country at international level. There is a dire need to end all the parallel and illegal federations, so that the genuine bodies may do their work in a befitting manner and those sports may flourish day and night,” they added.

They also pointed out towards the wrongdoings of former PSB Director General Akhtar Ganjera, due to which these days (monsoon) rains, the PSB is presenting a swimming pool view and the roofs of different hostels are leaking. It is all just because of substandard work done under the supervision of Ganjera, due to which the athletes and coaches are suffering, as they are forced to come out of their hostels rooms and they are unable to train for the upcoming Asian Games.

The athletes said that despite all these problems, they are hopeful that their long sufferings will come to an end after Imran Khan taking over as Prime Minister. “We are hopeful that the corrupts in sports will also be taken to task and Pakistan sports will be cleaned from the looters and sports-loving and honest officials will be appointed, who will purely work for the progress of athletes, sports as well as for the country.” (Thenation)