China awards scholarships to 140 Pakistani students

China awards scholarships to 140 Pakistani students My Country
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China awards scholarships to 140 Pakistani students My Country

ISLAMABAD: Chinese government has awarded scholarships to 140 Pakistani students for the year 2018-2019, under bilateral exchange education program.

The award-giving ceremony was held here on Thursday at Chinese Embassy that was participated by the Chinese Deputy Chief of Mission Lijian Zhao and Executive Director Higher Education Commission Dr. Arshad Ali, besides the lucky selected students.

The students’ selection was made by the Ministry of Inter-provincial Coordination in consultation with the provisional governments. Among them, they are about thirty female students, hailing from various parts of the country.

Pakistan has emerged as World’s top recipient of Chinese scholarships, as currently there are around 7000 Pakistanis, who are studying in China in their relevant disciplines in different Chinese Universities.

Latest statistics showed that the highest of number foreign students, studying in China on scholarships are from Pakistan.

All these brilliant students are pursuing Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, or Advance Training Programs at some of China’s top universities taking on a diverse range of subjects like medical, Computer Science, Technology, Business Administration, Architecture, Civil Engineering, International Law, and Journalism.

A record progress was witnessed during the last four years with the launching of China-Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC). This was also the result of vigorous efforts on the part of Chinese embassy in Islamabad.

Currently, annually around 1000 students are getting scholarships in China, most of them availing the opportunity directly from the Chinese Universities and the local governments, said Lijian Zhao while addressing the ceremony.

He announced that China will continue to adopt generous policy towards Pakistan in socio-economic sector.

He hoped that having been educated in China and familiar with Chinese culture and practices, the selected students would have a bright future.

While congratulating the students, Lijian Zhao hoped they will be a pride of their countries and the families. They should act as model for other students to follow. He quoted the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) that the Muslims should go far away, seeking knowledge, even if they have to go to China.

The executive director HEC thanked the government of China for its support providing opportunities of higher education to the Pakistani students in such a big number. He especially appreciated the contribution of the Chinese embassy in the connection.

China awards scholarships to 140 Pakistani students My Country