China’s 70 years achievements emerges from Chinese Dream

China’s 70 years achievements emerges from Chinese Dream My Country
China’s 70 years achievements emerges from Chinese Dream My Country

China’s 70 years achievements emerges from Chinese Dream My Country

Muhammad Zamir Assadi   

China’s 70th anniversary celebrations at Tiananmen Square have displayed the harmonious face of a peaceful nation who have stood firm and united against all the miseries and sufferings of colonizers for years.

Witnessing the mega celebrations on October 1 gives you a clear idea that the achievements gained by Chinese nation were not a gift of any country or any other international organization.

The display of Chinese miraculous developments in various fields at the parade really gained the attention and applause of international community.

The credit of the success in last 7 decades belongs to the Chinese dream which was also a theme of the military parade “Jointly Building the Chinese Dream”.

In a speech delivered at the national day celebration, President Xi Jinping recalled the revolutionary forefathers and martyrs for their deeds in pursuing national independence and liberation, a stronger and more prosperous country and the people’s well being, and rolled out a road map for the country to realize the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation.

The Chinese Dream was put forward by President Xi Jinping at a time when China has become independent and is already on the central stage of the world with the 2nd largest economy.

It is an extension of the thought as proposed by Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping, that the Chinese nation must make greater contribution to humanity.

The Chinese Dream is markedly slated to stress that China must make contributions to humanity while developing itself.

Such broadmindedness and ambitions are conducive to the formation of a healthy national mentality featuring self-respect, self-confidence, a rational and scientific approach, a pragmatic and pioneering spirit and an open and tolerant attitude, which would mold China into a mature big power that would earn the respect and admiration of other nations of the world.

By keeping in mind the history of Chinese civilization, it is obvious that the Chinese dream is neither an old dream to restore an old feudal empire, nor an alien dream that swallows everything foreign. It is instead a modern dream based on the nation’s transition from tradition to modernity.

From a realistic point of view, the Chinese Dream is based on the successful practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics led by Communist Party of China (CPC).

More than 97 years hard work proves that the CPC is capable of leading the Chinese people in their quest of glory and dream of the great renewal of Chinese nation.

Chinese people in the 21st century have witnessed China’s modernization, which has lasted over 100 years with tremendous changes and difficulties.

The improvements and achievements that China has attained are attributed to the path of the socialist modernization with strong Chinese characteristics.

While having the experience of media coverage of Chinese national issues, society and culture I have developed a deep understanding of Chinese dream which embodies the spirit of the times and is strategically important and full of political and philosophical wisdom.

The basic meaning of Chinese dream is to only make the country prosperous and strong, rejuvenate the Chinese nation and bring happiness to the Chinese people.

The only way to fulfill the Chinese dream is to take the Chinese path, carry forward the Chinese spirit and pool the Chinese strength.

The great celebrations of the 70th anniversary of China has proven that CPC succeeded in leading the Chinese people to fulfill the beautiful dream of standing up , becoming wealthy and growing strong.

The Chinese Dream is the dream of the Chinese people, and the unity of the party spirit and affinity to the people is the solid basis for the CPC to the core leadership for the realization of the Chinese Dream.

The nature of the Chinese Dream has a charm that is defined by people’s all-round development and people’s ability to restore all visions in human development.

On the path to the higher human civilization, the Chinese Dream summarizes the experience and lessons of previous economic development models.

The Chinese Dream not only links China’s past, present and future but also stimulates the consciousness in pursuing maximum economic development, social development and all round human development.

 The enthusiasm, patriotism and excitement witnessed at the eve of 70th anniversary celebration has shown to the world that Chinese nation has remarkable wisdom and creativity is also embodied in the nation’s wisdom.

The peaceful and harmonious message generated from the mega gathering at Tiananmen Square is that Chinese Dream is a dream of peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefit. It has many things in common with all the beautiful dreams of people all over the world.

Now this is the same Chinese Dream which is becoming a strong and sustainable base for building a shared future of mankind based on win-win results in the upcoming years.

China’s 70 years achievements emerges from Chinese Dream My Country