Chinese embassy takes notice of financial Times’ report

CPEC key to developing western China and consolidating regional security
CPEC key to developing western China and consolidating regional security

Islamabad: The Chinese Embassy here on Monday took notice of the Financial Times’s report regarding remarks by the Adviser Razzak Dawood on the CPEC.

The embassy drew the attention to the clarification issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Textile of Pakistan in this connection.

A statement issued by the embassy said, “It is a firm consensus between China and Pakistan that the CPEC is a mutually beneficial project and both the governments will carry it forward according to the needs of Pakistan and for the development of Pakistan.

Such ill-intentioned reports based on distorted and misquoted information only demonstrate that the report contributor has total ignorance and neglect of the CPEC or China-Pakistan traditional partnership.”

Meanwhile, Pakistan denied a Financial Times report that it was reviewing projects pertaining to the CPEC.

Abdul Razak Dawood issued a detailed clarification, contradicting the report published in financial Times with the title “Pakistan rethinks its role in China’s Belt and Road plan”.

Dawood said that his statements were taken out of context, adding during the visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, the two had stressed on advancing the enterprise.

He reiterated that the country’s commitments to CPEC would remain the same and would be honored.