Pakistan, Guangdong to develop ties in agriculture sector: Cheng Xizhong

Pak, Guangdong to develop ties in agriculture sector My Country
Pak, Guangdong to develop ties in agriculture sector My Country

Pak, Guangdong to develop ties in agriculture sector My Country

BEIJING: China’s Guangdong province showed its willingness to develop its bilateral ties with Pakistan in the agriculture sector by sharing its advanced technology and newly developed crops’ varieties.

Guangdong’s climate is warm, similar to Pakistan, and its new crop varieties and cultivation technology are very suitable for Pakistan. It was focusing now on promoting its economic ties with South Asian countries, including Pakistan.

According to Cheng Xizhong, special Commentator of China Economic Net, the province has accumulated advanced planting technology and management experience, which it willing to share  with Pakistan.

He quoted Yuan Longping, a Chinese agricultural scientist who is known as father of hybrid rice in the world, as having said, China and Pakistan are countries which place great importance on agriculture. Pakistan’s budget this year has substantially increased investment in agriculture, hence there is great potential for cooperation in agriculture between China and Pakistan.

It was emphasized that China and Pakistan should work together to develop deep-processing of agricultural products.

Cheng Xizhong said, water conservancy infrastructure construction is very important. There are two main things to be done: the first is to build reservoirs, and the second is to build hydropower plants. In this way, we can not only solve the energy problem, but also effectively deal with the seasonal water shortage problems of rivers and promote agricultural production. In this regard, Pakistan has a lot to do, and Guangdong’s enterprises can cooperate fully with Pakistan.

Another key area for growth is the deep-processing of agricultural products, which can bring enormous economic benefits. Why are developed countries rich and developing countries poor? This issue is closely related to deep-processing of agricultural products.

According to Cheng Xizhong, nowadays, agricultural products processing enterprises in Guangdong province are flourishing everywhere. There are 2,077 enterprises on the list of agricultural products processing enterprises association.

The actual number is much more than that. The province has formulated the “Agricultural Processing Industry Development Plan (2018-2025)”, which aims to achieve a total value of 1.65 trillion RMB by 2020.

Guangdong enterprises have advanced deep-processing machinery and excellent technology. They can invest in the deep-processing industry of agricultural products and create conditions for Pakistani agricultural products to increase value and open up international markets.

Currently, China is the world’s largest importer of agricultural products, importing about US $130 billion of agricultural products annually, including about 40 billion for soybeans.

It was strongly suggested that agricultural development zones along the CPEC be constructed. China and Pakistan could jointly produce high-quality agricultural products such as soybean, cotton, peanuts, grapes, olive oil, citrus, mango, pomegranate, and strawberry, and then export them to China, which has the potential to generate around US $12 billion a year for Pakistan.

Pak, Guangdong to develop ties in agriculture sector My Country