Pakistan army participates in international army games in China

Pakistan army participates in international army games in China My Country

BEIJING : Pakistan Army is participating in International Army Games 2018 for the first time started on Monday in Korla, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region of China.

Military units from 10 countries – including China, Pakistan, Russia and Iran – are competing in Korla in three contests: the Suvorov Attack race and shooting competition by infantry fighting vehicles, the Clear Sky test for air defense units, and Safe Route, a new contest held in China this year in which teams make their way through a minefield.

A contingent of Pakistan armed forces is participating in one contest namely ‘clear sky’ to be hosted by China as part of international army games.

Another contest, Seaborne Assault, hosted by the Chinese Navy for the first time, will take place at Quanzhou, Fujian province.

“As host, we will uphold the spirit of fighting, honor and win-win cooperation, and will fulfill our commitment to professionalism, openness and sharing,” Major General Ye Jianjun said at the games’ opening ceremony.

Ye said he hoped the People’s Liberation Army will exchange military development with armies from different countries.

Pakistani Lieutenant Colonel Kamran Zaheer said that it is the Pakistani team’s first time coming to China, and he looked forward to the competition very much.

“I have felt a warm welcome,” Zaheer said, “China and Pakistan have a strong friendship, and I will pass that on to the Pakistani military.”

Iran’s Brigadier General Khosro Koohmarei said he was impressed with the PLA, calling it “strong, disciplined and well-trained” and that he found China had made outstanding achievements in weapons and equipment manufacturing when he participated in the 2017 games.

“We hope to enhance our friendship with all participating countries through the games,” he said.

Russia’s General Aleksandr Lentsov said organizing the event requires cooperation from all participating countries. Russia will continue to broaden the influence of the games and invite more countries to join and expand the competition categories.

At the contests in Korla, all participants except the Russian “Suvorov Attack” team will use Chinese equipment and weapons, and the Chinese army has dispatched experienced instructors to offer intensive adaptive training for foreign contestants.

China is one of the seven countries that host this year’s games. The contests in Russia started on Saturday at the Alabino training ground near Moscow.

Altogether 28 contests will be held in this year’s games in seven countries: China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran. The games end on Aug 11.

Pakistan army participates in international army games in China My Country