Pakistan, China holds joint hiking events

BEIJING, Tibet Mountain Hiking Association of China and the Pakistan Mountain Hiking Club hosted a hiking forum in Lhasa. Mountain hiking athletes of both countries celebrated the 11th anniversary of the Chinese Tibetan mountain hiking team’s success in climbing the 14 mountains with an altitude of more than 8000 meters.

During the past 20 years, China and Pakistan have held close to ten joint hiking events, contributing to the development of international hiking, and played an active role in deepening the traditional China-Pakistan friendship.

The leader of the Pakistan Mountain Hiking Club said at the event that they were honored to participate in the Chinese Tibetan team’s achievement in hiking the 14 mountains of more than 8000 meters and to be invited for this event. China and Pakistan have collaborated in the hiking arena for more than 10 years, and Pakistan is very grateful for the support China has provided in hiking equipment and related construction. “In the future, our two countries could further grow our partnership in mountain hiking and increase our exchange. “