Pakistani students graduate from China under BRI

2018 graduates of International Education College pose for a picture at the China University of Geosciences, Wuhan. [Photo/Cjn]

BEIJING, July 17 (INP): As many as 100 students from countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative such as Pakistan graduated from China University of Geosciences, Wuhan in Hubei province.

These international students were the first graduates since CUG established the Silk Road Institute of the International Education College in 2015. With subjects including geology, minerals, energy, environment and space science, CUG built a platform for high-end education training and an inter-connectivity platform to cultivate talent pools.

Tariq Farheen from Pakistan, is proud to study at CUG, because she found friendship and care here. She hopes to work at the Ministry of Health in her country to take responsibility for improving people’s health.

At present, China University of Geosciences has established a comprehensive system for sustainable overseas education in China and a scientific training and management system. The number of international students in the school has reached over 1,000 per year from 109 countries.

The proportion of graduate students is up to 88.8 percent, among which students from Belt and Road Initiative countries account for 70.2 percent.

Another Pakistani graduated student said he liked China very much for its culture. He learned more specialized knowledge during his study in CUG.

Aiming at the talent needs and shortcomings of Belt and Road Initiative countries — resource management and the environment — CUG has established a close-knit discipline group and talent training system in its educational model.

A student with the Chinese name Ouyang Hongfei from East Timor said infrastructure construction is extremely imperfect, and construction funds are also very scarce there. That is the reason he chose to study civil engineering. Ouyang also experienced Chinese culture by becoming a volunteer teacher.

Su Hongtao, deputy dean of the International Education College, said in the future the university will continue to focus on key areas of education, and develop majors conducive to the needs of BRI countries. The university will boost student exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign students establish a good international reputation and strengthen Chinese education.