Post-election scenario sees positive impact on CPEC

China expects Pakistan’s participation in CIIE in big way My Country
China expects Pakistan’s participation in CIIE in big way My Country

BEIJING, July 18 (INP): Post-election scenario sees positive impact on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) for its smooth functioning , with having continuously support of the nation across the board.

The CPEC will remain a priority area even for the next government, says a report published in the China Daily on Wednesday.

According to the report, the CPEC is a strategic decision for Pakistan. The 220 million people of Pakistan support CPEC and Pakistan’s institutions, especially the Pakistan Army, are its guarantor.

The projects under CPEC are an international obligation and Pakistan has a track record of fulfilling its obligations. We have amassed immense debts but have not defaulted on any one of them, which shows Pakistan’s adherence to its obligations.

Moreover, CPEC is a mutually agreed-upon framework and beneficial for both China as well as Pakistan, a perfect example of a win-win situation. Projects covered under CPEC are vital for Pakistan and will boost Pakistan’s economy, job market and security. There exists complete consensus among all political parties, big or small, that CPEC should be supported in principle. The people of Pakistan are already enjoying the fruits of CPEC in the form of an increased electricity supply.

The pre-CPEC shortage of electricity had hit the nation very hard and made industries less competitive in the business world. Improved infrastructure has eased travel and communication for the people of Pakistan, while pre-CPEC infrastructure was rather outdated and old, especially the colonial-era railway system which was laid by the British.

A new job market has opened up for Pakistani youth, new businesses have been created, and unlimited avenues of opportunities are available for further exploration.

Above all, Pakistan-China relations are so strong that changes of government have never impacted the two “Iron Brothers” in the past.
In spite of the fact that various governments have led the two countries in the last six decades, the change of leadership has never affected Pakistan-China relations and the friendship has only grown stronger. Generally speaking, there are feelings of love, mutual trust and respect between both sides in all segments of society. Our relationship is an all-weather and all-dimensional one, where we are partners and above all “friends forever”.

Whoever wins the upcoming elections will build even stronger relations with China. Traditionally, after taking the oath, Pakistan’s elected leaders always visit China at their earliest possible convenience. Based on our past experience, we may predict that the future of CPEC is very bright and there will only be positive change.

The elections and the new government will make CPEC more effective and more beneficial for both countries. Pakistan greatly needs for CPEC to take off economically.
The people of Pakistan stand behind CPEC and the Pakistan Armed Forces are a guarantor of CPEC. Our Chinese friends may trust the legal and judicial system of Pakistan and we may rest assure that their investment in Pakistan is safe, with a very bright future.