Stamp on Lion to give respect to your vote: Nawaz Sharif’s message from Jail

ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif has appealed to the nation from Adiala Jail to come out of their houses to cast their votes to him.

This was stated by his daughter Maryam Nawaz, who is also in jail with Nawaz Sharif, stated in a tweet on Monday.

The tweet came just two days before the General Elections which will be held on Wednesday, July 25.

The former prime minister has been sentenced for 11years while his daughter is serving a seven-year imprisonment and her husband Captain (retired) Safdar has been jailed for one year.

Maryam’s tweet said that Nawaz asked the people to come out of their houses on July 25 and stamp on the sign of Lion for the protection of their rights and honour of their vote.

The tweet said: