Twitter schools Salman Ahmed for tasteless tweet on Mastung massacre

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A suicide bomber targetted the political corner meeting of the Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) candidate on Friday, killing at least 128 people and injuring over 200. Experts have called the incident the deadliest in a string of attacks on electioneering that have heightened security fears ahead of the voting.

Mastung massacre: 128 martyred, over 200 injured in suicide blast claimed by Islamic State

While others condemned the tragedy in strong words, former Junoon bassist Salman Ahmed’s thoughts on the matter caused an outrage on Twitter and otherwise. In a tweet, the musician wrote the lyrics of his song Junoon se and termed the deaths of the Pakistanis a ‘qurbani’ while seeking azaadi.

And it angered many, many people.

After his ill-timed and misplaced tweet, many wondered what the renowned musician was thinking whilst posting the lyrics.

But even after much backlash, Ahmed defended his stance. He then tweeted his song and wrote, “Comparing shaheeds of today with the spirit of Jinnah’s Azadi. The psychology of martyrdom: making the ultimate sacrifice in the name of a cause.”

And then this happened.

Perhaps, the outspoken and politically active musician needs to tunderstand the true meaning of martyrdom and possibly learn the difference between a horrible terrorist attack and a just struggle for freedom. And someone hit him with a thesaurus please!