Wave of terrorism in Xinjiang comes to an end: Officials

Wave of terrorism in Xinjiang comes to an end: Officials My Country
Wave of terrorism in Xinjiang comes to an end: Officials My Country

Wave of terrorism in Xinjiang comes to an end: Officials My Country

BEIJING: A way of terrorism and extremism in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region has come to an end, following the wide-ranging steps taken by the Central and the local governments, sources said here on Thursday.

Extremism spread in Xinjiang years ago, but now the people in the region are again enjoying their peace and tranquility.The officials and people of Xinjiang have contributed to the incredible changes in the region with their hard, creative work.

Xinjiang was impacted by extremism a few years ago. Western forces have a double standard in China’s anti-terrorism efforts and their sympathy for the terrorists in Xinjiang inflated the extremists’ arrogance.

In areas seriously affected by extremism, ideological emancipation is a must and law and justice should be rebuilt. National identity and national unity should be the most important principles in Xinjiang’s social values.

Xinjiang has adopted a series of strong measures to reverse the situation. For example, the authorities set up vocational education and training centers in places corroded by extremism to help eradicate extremism from those who were once brainwashed and committed petty crimes. Such measures have achieved good results and stabilized the situation.

Western public opinion has misread these measures, accusing the centers of violating human rights. Such misunderstanding contains disputes in values and it’s hard for China to communicate with Western opinion and make it understand the Xinjiang question realistically.

Xinjiang faces the reality. The top priority is restoring peace and stability, protecting people’s safety and reconstructing legal order. The authorities are taking the most effective measure at the minimum cost. The Xinjiang authorities’ purpose is just to protect human rights.

We have witnessed the sincere hard work of the local officials in the training centers and in society. People in Xinjiang are working together toward a common goal. Their direction is clearer and they are reaching more consensus. Xinjiang has a promising future.

Eradicating extremism is not a reckless action. In the education and training centers, family love and school education are everywhere. The centers help most trainees who are from rural areas and lack education to form a sense of discipline. They also adopt psychological counseling to help trainees protect and recover their physical and mental health.

The center is a solution-oriented social practice. China didn’t have such experience before, and the center is being improved day by day. The kindness and responsibility for society and trainees dominate the practice and the opinions of the outside world will also influence the practice.

What’s important is that the center is not a so-called concentration camp, but a place that educates, energizes and helps people affected by extremism to return to normal life.

The results will prove everything. Xinjiang belongs to people of all ethnic groups in the region and all the Chinese people. We love the soil most and we hope to see that people in Xinjiang are enjoying peace, happiness and all kinds of rights.

As for the disputes that can’t be resolved, history will reach its own conclusion.

Wave of terrorism in Xinjiang comes to an end: Officials My Country